Spotify Premium APK Latest Version 2019 Download ( No Root )

Spotify premium apk is available for free download.This is not hacked version but this is mod & activated version and no ads will be there.No root needed for this patched version.You can use it unlimited offline as well.There is no torrent because its size is very light

Who does not like to listen to the best and the most favorite tunes? Music has become integral to lives. We can think of a moment without music. From the domestic interiors to the on-road journeys, music exists everywhere. There were times when it was not possible to listen to music without huge music players. The music was only limited to the interiors. Today life is comparatively different. We have so many opportunities to stay connected with our favorite tunes. The best way is to get them downloaded on your gadgets and stay tuned. The task has become even easier as you don’t have to search for multiple links for your most loved tunes. There is a number of digital services that are there for your assistance. It is just typed search and goes to your favorite tunes. The list is longer than you can imagine. One of such digital services is known as Spotify

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What Is Spotify

In order to fulfill the love music freaks a giant leap was taken by a Sweden based company called the Spotify technology. Based in Stockholm company is providing one of the best music streaming serving. The service started working on 7th October 2008. Today it is successfully operating in more than 65 regions all over the globe. The service is extremely reliable as it is committed to render the music that is DRM protected by the original creators. Once you start using the limited version you don’t have to pay anything. It is completely free service. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the full features then it is better to go for the premium version. has all the essential features that are required to improve and update the streaming quality. Once you subscribe to the Spotify premium Apk then it is possible to get several downloads with great ease.

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify can be used for all kinds of gadgets. There is nothing to give a second thought about. You can use Spotify for iOS, Windows mobiles, Android, macOS, and Window operates phones. It is also suitable for all kinds of tablets, and even works well with the second and third version of the PlayStation, and Xbox One too. Apart from the device, it is easy to use in any geographical region may it be America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Asia. Although it does not cover much of Asia still it is available in many parts of the world’s biggest continent. It is very easy to customize your search and go through a huge collection of more than 35 million songs. You can sort out the search according to the genre, artist or album. Once done it is possible to create your own playlist and then share it with your loved ones and the passion sharers. The fun becomes even greater when the list keeps updating and more and more features are added to it. It is highly suggested to enjoy the music by switching to the Spotify premium Apk. In this way, you can have diverse features.

Spotify Premium APK features

Supporting devices

The best thing about Spotify is that whether you get the limited version or the Spotify Premium Apk it is compatible with almost all gadgets and systems. It works great with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, smartphones, and tablets of all types. The user can also play the favorite music on a wide range of devices like the TV, receivers, cars, smart watches through the Spotify Connect. It also comes with an option of the web player that allows listening to the tunes without downloading. Despite this, the web player does not allow the listeners the option of the offline listening. It is now possible to get access to Spotify premium apk through the Windows Store.

Browsing parameters

Once the Spotify or the Spotify premium Apk is in use the music can be easily accessed by searching and browsing through multiple parameters. The search covers the album, playlist, artist and the genre. It also allows sharing the music on the different social media.

Third-party developers

Since 2017 it has become possible for the intended and passionate third-party developers to create their own application. This application can be conveniently used within the Spotify software. These applications allow the synchronization of the lyrics, reviews and song suggestions. This feature has become even better with the Spotify premium Apk.

Embedded music player

6 years back Spotify came up with a new feature called Spotify Play Button. With this features, its possible to have blogs, access websites, and social media profiles. It is also possible to roll out a web player without installing any of them.

Follow and discover tab

The three highly acclaimed features are the Follow and Discover tab along with the Collection section. With the Follow Tab, it is possible to follow any of the favorite artists. By accessing the Discover tab the keen listener can keep track of the new arrivals of the favorite star. In Collection option, it is possible to keep all the favorite tracks together instead of distributing them into different playlists.

Home start page

The home start page gives full access to all the features in just one go. In the case of the Spotify premium Apk, the list of features is very extensive. It displays the music recommendations that keep updating on daily basis.

Annotation service

By entering into a contract with the music annotation service Genus, Spotify allows the annotation from Genius to be part of the info cards. This is possible even when the songs are running.   This feature is there only for the iOS. It can be used only for the selected range of songs.

Spotify Premium APK

Touch preview

The iOS users can benefit from the awesome touch preview option. If you don’t want to spoil your time searching through a long list of songs then this touch preview option can help you save the precious time. Instead of listening to each and every tune you can just long touch on the selected song and have a preview of the song.

Album or artist info

It is possible to listen to the new additions from your favorite star then it is really easy to get through the information about the current and the recent songs by going to the triple dot button. As the tab opens go to the new album or the view artist option.

Discover and save weekly playlists

An interested and well-appreciated feature of Spotify premium apk is to find the weekly updated playlists through the discover Weekly playlist feature. 30 songs are added to the playlist every Monday. The Spotify premium Apk gets all the playlists saved automatically. The only thing that is required is to set up the applet for this purpose and then leave the rest to this.

Shazam tracks for Spotify

If you love the Shazam app and want to make use of it then it would be great to connect Shazam and the Spotify. After connecting both Shazams get saved to the Spotify. The playlist created in this regard is titled as the My Shazam tracks. Spotify can also be connected with the SoundHound.

How to Install Spotify APK In Android?

As most of the people use androids and keep installing apps on their androids, therefore, installing Spotify is not a problem for them installing Spotify. If you want to install the Spotify there are two different ways of doing this:

  • Through the play store
  • Manual installation

Installation using Play Store

There are sources from where it is possible to download Spotify to the device. The key sources to get the downloadable version of the Spotify are available through the official Spotify website, Google Play Store, CNET, Softonic and Tom’s guide. Spotify premium Apk can give access to complete features after download. The easiest way to install the Spotify on the Androids is to use the Play store or install manually. Follow the following steps for an easy installation from the Google Play Store:

  • Select the Play Store option from the home screen.
  • Search for the Spotify in the search bar.
  • Once the app is opened the tap on the install option.
  • Once installed open and use the app to enjoy the best music.

Spotify Premium APK

Manual installation

  • Download the Spotify Premium apk by using the raw.apk file.
  • This raw file is available at this website
  • Access the security settings in the device setting option.
  • Click the checkbox against Unknown Services. This will allow the manual installation on the Android that is usually not allowed. This checkbox can be clicked again for completing the task to turn it off.
  • Click on the download History and reach out for the Spotify App.
  • Click next and then install to have the App.

How to Fix If Spotify Premium Apk Is Not Working?

If your Spotify premium apk is not working properly after installation or you are not able to open it then the solution is very easy. Just log out and log in again. Check for the proper connectivity also. It is better if you use the Wi-Fi rather than using the mobile data. If the Spotify premium apk is working but you cannot hear the sounds properly then check the volume controls of your device. For better results, it is suggested to add the sound outputs. If all your efforts are futile then it is better to uninstall and then reinstall.

Problem with the tracks

The user has the choice to report to the official hub about the tracks or albums causing a problem. If you find any track inappropriate you can immediately report to the service center. If the issue persists with the playback then it is highly recommended to check the system update. Your Spotify premium apk might need an urgent update. On the customer care center option, there is a form provided to submit the queries and the complaints.

Downloading problems

If the downloading fails after every trial then there are several reasons to it. It is possible that your gadget is not connected with the internet. Check your connection and then try downloading. Check the space available in the device. Lack of proper space can also hinder the downloading. Many songs are allowed only in the Spotify premium apk. Check if you have the premium package and not the unregistered and non paid version.

Spotify Premium APK

All saved data lost

It might happen that there were a number of songs that you downloaded but they suddenly disappeared. It is really something very bothering to lose your collection. Make sure you have logged in with the right account. To be on the safer side log out and then log in. make sure to check each folder and playlist. Use the preview option instead of spending too much time. If you have reached the limit then there are chances that the files were not downloaded properly in the Spotify premium apk.

Account misuse

You cannot ignore the fact that the Spotify account can be hacked or misused. Keep an eye on the unusual happening. If there is any usual happening going on it means that someone is trying to access the account.  If you are notified about the unknown device then it is safe to log out and immediately change the password.

How to get Spotify for Pc?

Just like the androids and smartphones, Spotify can be conveniently added to the PC. Spotify premium apk is as successful on the PC as it is on any Android or Smartphone. Getting the latest and upgrade version of the Spotify premium apk for the PC is a convenient thing. Just a few steps and the things will be fine just like the way you want them to be.

Spotify Premium APK

  • Google for the Spotify official website and reach the proper link.
  • Access the link by clicking it.
  • You will see two options. You can choose either the free version or the Spotify premium apk according to the usage and your choice.
  • Sign up for the Spotify service with two options. You can log in with the Facebook account or use an email account for the registration.
  • Once you have signed in you can just click the download option and start the procedure.
  • If the download is complete you can use your account to log in. this will initialize the installer.
  • Once the installation is complete and you have logged in the Spotify is ready to work. Just open the app and enjoy the fun.

Download Spotify Premium

So finally below is the given link to download spotify for free.If you are having any issue ask.

Download Premium APK