10 Spotify Tips and Tricks you need to know

The popular music streaming app, Spotify, has been accumulating active users every quarter with the subscriber count standing at more than 87 million. Every day the app plays millions of songs from the subscribers. However, there are some tips and tricks that the subscribers are missing out on. We will now take you through some of these tips and tricks.Try Spotify Premium APK

Recover Deleted Playlist

There are times when you want to recover your old playlists. You can simply recover them in Spotify by going to your account details in a web browser and selecting Recover Playlist.

Playlist Folder

There are different playlists for different types of moods, occasions, and what not. But now you can keep a check on your playlists as well with the help of a Playlist folder.

Specific Search

Searching for a song from an artist can be difficult this is why specific search is there for your help. You can search for a song by an artist with the name and the year and you will get the desired return.

Built-in Equalizer

Spotify has a built-in equalizer in order to give you more control over your music.

Spotify Tips

Collaborative Playlist

Other Spotify users can now come in a chip in with their songs with the help of the collaborative playlist feature.

Music by Country

You can search for top songs in your country or in any country within the Spotify app.

Migrate Your Music

You can import all your Spotify songs at one place without any problem.

Spotify Running

Spotify will provide you with playlists when you are out running and jogging. Just type running in the search bar and you will get your playlists.

Private Session

You can have a private session on your Spotify app and nothing you listen will be published on any social media platform.

Facebook Linking

You can link your Spotify account to Facebook account and share links of music with your Facebook friends.