My Phone Says Mobile Network Not Available

I got a Query from The techno topics about a community issue about the Samsung Galaxy Notice saying My Phone Says Mobile Network Not Available.

My Phone Says Mobile Network Not Available

This issue Might Not Be a Nulled or an invalid IMEI # problem since the IMEI number is wrong.

What triggered Mobile Network Not Offered

The steps Below are demonstrated to be a solution for MOBILE NETWORK NOT AVAILABLE problem on many Samsung Galaxy handsets. The problem can almost certainly be too little reception inside your region.

Please Be aware that cellular network not on the Samsung Galaxy may probably be triggered with a terrible sign/reception, your Samsung galaxy policy, your place, or SIM fatigue.

The Problem is more likely to be one of the T-mobile and Verizon wireless Samsung Galaxy handsets.

Assess if your phone is roaming

  1. Settings
  2. Mobile Networks
  3. Data Roaming

Check to Find out if Airplane mode is away

  1. Settings
  2. More settings
  3. Flight Manner

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy” Mobile Network Not Accessible”

Method 1

This Method may be used for almost any Android device. See to:

  1. Settings
  2. Wireless And networks
  3. Mobile Networks
  4. Network Operators
  5. Select automatically.

This is The easiest way to terminate the problem. If it did not work, proceed into the method two.

Method Two

Change Your Battery Try another battery inside your own Android handset. This can effectively solve the problem. If you discovered this way to function for you personally, it means you’ve got a damaged battery which has been overheated as a result of the quantity of warmth your phone created.

Method 3

There’s a Problem using the radio signal not being broadcasted properly.

  1. Dial #4636# at the dialer
  2. You, Will, be prompted with a tasting menu
  3. Click phone/device information
  4. Run ping test
  5. Select GSM Vehicle (PRL) from the drop-down listing
  6. Click Switch off the radio
  7. Restart.

Method 4. a

If all of the Steps above didn’t work for you update your firmware. Here are the steps for this:

  1. Settings
  2. About device
  3. Software Upgrade
  4. Assess For upgrade

This is a Simple manner that fixed the cellular network unavailable on Android for many people.

“Update through Kies” (Optional)

Method 4. b

Do a factory reset:

  1. Settings
  2. Backup and Reset
  3. Factory Data Reset.


  1. Switch Off your device.
  2. Next, Hold the Home, Power, and Volume Up button together for several seconds until Android emblem appears on the screen.
  3. Release The buttons then the usage volume down for highlighting any choices and Ability key to supporting it. Emphasize the factory reset option and then confirm it with the button.
  4. Next, select delete all of the user information’ and affirm it.
  5. Wait For a couple of seconds to observe the’reboot system’ option and choose it. The phone is going to probably be resumed then and you want to set this up from scratch.

Method 5

Most Folks are confronting”error whilst looking for community”

This Problem is due to your own SIM card not put correctly, therefore, the mobile unavailable on network error might also happen. To fix this issue browse to:

  1. Settings
  2. Mobile Network configurations
  3. Even though You’re in mobile configurations, you need to hold the power button along with the house buttons together until your device turns off.
  4. Even though Your own Galaxy is away, gently remove the battery
  5. Press The house button and the power button 10 times collectively
  6. Then, Press and hold the electricity and house button for 1-2 mins that will drain all of the static charges
  7. Add your battery
  8. Boot up Your Samsung Galaxy using the SIM Card
  9. Don’t Attach the rear cover nonetheless.
  10. Even though Your phone is on, remove then insert the SIM card times.
  11. You, Will, be prompted to restart your phone.
  12. Restart Your phone and you’ll no longer find the error whilst looking for a network.

Unlock your Phone

In case Your own Android device is system locked and should you switched carriers, you’ll need to unlock it. In case you’ve been on the lookout for a reliable unlocking service, then look no longer.

Stop by, Fill the shape, and receive the unlocking code into your own email address. The entire procedure is quite easy. Most of all, the support is reliable and it’s all safe for the device — there’s not any possibility of harm. However, not merely that — unlocking won’t void the guarantee.


  1. I’m Employing Verizon and my software is current, not one of the method works

“Update Your APN settings”

Verizon APN configurations
Title: Verizon
APN: net
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 012
Authentication form:
APN kind: or Web MMS
APN Protocol:

  1. I’m no Longer seeing cellular network not accessible, a brand new error”Not enrolled on the network is revealing”

Read how To fix not enrolled in the community here.

  1. I attempted All of the methods but none of them worked

” Navigate to “Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Select Either Your network OR Select Automatically”.

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