Samsung Galaxy S5 Dropping Calls

Constant calls falling problem isn’t new Samsung devices, Galaxy Note 3 users also were facing exactly the exact same problem and also Samsung Galaxy S5 Dropping Calls issue. If you have Galaxy Notice 3 and the problem is happening together with you, then see Technophobe, there we’ve discussed the solution of Galaxy Note 3 calls falling problem already. In this informative article, we’ll go over the ways to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Continuous Calls Dropping Problem. The solution is almost similar to Galaxy Note 3 solutions; nonetheless, for your own ease, we’ll talk about the steps. Steps to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Continuous Calls dropping problem

Samsung Galaxy S5 Dropping Calls

First you ought to check whether any third party program is the cause for this problem. To know that, boot your Galaxy S5 into Safe mode, this mode will disable most of the next party apps, and just the pre-installed programs will be triggered.

To boot your phone to Safe manner, flip off it then presses and holds the Electricity key. Now press Volume Down key whenever the Samsung logo looks and don’t leave it until you view the lock screen. Safe mode is going to be displayed at the bottom left corner. Now attempt to call and determine whether Samsung Galaxy S5 Constant Calls Dropping Problem remains there. If no, then any third party program is your reason. So carry out a factory reset and reinstall the apps selectively.

Occasionally the calls falling problem occur due to a community, so contact with your provider and inquire about the regional support. Altering the PRL (preferred roaming list)plus a few people have a solution for Samsung Galaxy S5 Continuous Calls DroppingProblem. For this go to Settings > Mobile Network > Network Mode > Select automatically favorite network or GSM only.

Make sure each of the computer software is all up so far visiting Settings > Around > Software upgrade > upgrade.

Toggle the Airplane mode off and on visiting Settings.

Occasionally by restarting the phone and the problem was solved.

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